Need To Know Basic Currencies of the Dragon City

Need To Know Basic Currencies of the Dragon City

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Gaming is becoming trending day by day, and millions of online players can go to spend much time on it. Nowadays, the Dragon city is a leading game, and it is all about the dragon’s life. The game is developed by Social Point, and it is designed for android, IOS and web browser. It is free of cost, but for more enjoyment, we need to pay some real amount of cash. In the android store, the latest version of the game is available, and anyone can download it.

Talk about major currencies

The game is all about battles, and for growing more, we need enough amount of currency. Both gems and gold are used as currencies, and they are important for buying new things. We can grab the currency by going on multiple ways, and the Dragon city hack 2020 is a free tool for it. In this article, we are giving details about the different uses of currencies


The gold is the primary currency for expanding the city, and we can also purchase new eggs. Various customizing things are easily available by giving some amount of it. We can decorate the city with numbers of building, and for it, the right amount of gold is invested.  


 The Gems is important for egg hatching process, and the user can also get it by purchasing with real money. A big amount of currency is helpful for speeding up our playing abilities. For further uses, we should save some value of gems. Currency collecting is not a handy task, so the players have to spend it wisely for buying only usable elements.